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Incheon Seo-gu is emerging as the center of Northeast Asia with its World-class infrastructure and geographical advantage of the gateway to The Incheon International Airport Located at the northwest coast, theCenter of Incheon, Seo-gu takes up 33.4% of Incheon’s inlands and is Inhabited by about 500,000 residents.

Incheon Seo-gu is well known as a strategic transportation center of superior accessibility both domestically and globally with the Incheon Subway Line 2, Gyeonin Ara Waterway which connects the Wes Sea and the Han River, and the metropolitan transportation network induding the Incheon International Airport Expressway, the Gyeongin Expressway, and the Airport Railroad, and KTX.

Incheon Seo-gu is receiving the world’s attention through successfully holding the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. Incheon Seo-gu grows to be a prestigious city of future with its harmonious blending of transportation, housing, and environment; the Cheongna Internation City which is transforming to an international city equiooend with business function; and the Geomdan New City which will lead the paradigm of the future city.

  • Area : 137.12㎢
  • Population : 510,733(194,008 households)
  • Administrative Districts : 21 Dong, 641 Tong, 2,754 Ban
  • Administrative Organization :
    4Bureau, 3 Chamber, 26 Department, 1 council, 1 Health Center, 1 Branch Office, 21Dong
  • Civil Servant : 953
  • District Council : 16 Members
  • Budget : KRW 572.3 Billon(General Accounts : 545.1 B, Special Accounts : 27.2 B)
  • School : 82(Elementary 44, Middle School 22, High School 18)


District symbol

District symbol

The powerful progress and spirit of Seo-gu’s advanced development are represented in the magpie, which is the symbol of Seo-gu, and the Chinese character benevolence ‘In (仁)’. In this town, compassionate people live together and the residents live in harmony with united hearts for a common goal.

District character ? Seodongi

District character ? Seodongi

The sun rising from the Seo-gu means revitalized and dynamic movement towards the 21st century. It also expresses the active and vigorous spirit of the Seo-gu residents for the establishment of an advanced and beautiful district of Seo-gu.

District symbol

  • Tree ? Ginkgo

    Tree ? Ginkgo
    Strong will and tremendous success

  • Animal ? Deer

    Animal ? Deer
    Peace and love, symbol of perseverance

  • Flower ? Chrysanthemum

    Flower ? Chrysanthemum
    Stability and abundance for all

  • Bird ? Magpie

    Bird ? Magpie
    Innocent mind that connects the ‘opportunity’ of loving and gathering


City of Limitless Potential

Cheongna International City - Mecca of international finance, culture, and tourism

Cheongna is a beautiful city-International function including finance, state of the art leisure facilities and flower gardens are formed so that both foreigners and the residents of the capitol area can live, work, and enjoy leisure and sports close to the waterside and flowers.

  • Location : the whole area of yeonhui-dong, Kyeongseo-dong, Wonchang-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City
  • Size : 17,825㎢
  • Cost to build infrastructure : KRW 6,707.1 Billion
  • Planned population : 90,000(33,210 households)
  • Planned Industries : international business(finance), tourism, leisure, R&D, materials and components, and high-tech, etc

Cheongna International City 1

Cheongna International City 2

Kyeongin Ara Waterway - The First Inland Waterway in Republic of Korea

Kyeongin Ara Waterway is a natural space for relaxation from the Han River to the West Sea where you can find healthy smiles and happiness amidst busy and tiresome daily lives. The eight waterside sceneries, Ara Waterway’s representative waterfront sites starting from the first scenery of the West Sea to the eight sceneries of the Han River, provide comfortable resting space along with culture and tradition. The first to the third waterside sceneries are located in Incheon Seo-gu.

Kyeongin Ara Waterway 1

Kyeongin Ara Waterway 2

The Main Stadium of the Asian Games - Incheon Asiad Main Stadium

The main stadium of Incheon Asian Games joined by 4 billion Asians was designed around the concepts of light and wind, the symbols of Incheon. The stadium is a representative landmark of Republic of Korea as the officially approved first-grade athletic field equipped with a soccer field, athletic track, and 60,000 seats (30,000 folding seats).

  • Location : 806 Bongsudae-ro (378 Yeonhui-dong), Seo-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City
  • Scale : B1 – 5th Floor

The Main Stadium of the Asian Games 1

The Main Stadium of the Asian Games 2

Cheongseojin - Dream Garden Commanding Beautiful Glow of the Setting Sun

As more tourist are expected to visit the Kyeongin Ara Waterway, Cheongseojin is a popular tourist attraction with the theme of the beautiful setting Sun in the West Sea and located in the Incheon Terminal of the Kyeongin Ara Waterway.

Cheongseojin 1

Cheongseojin 2

Vibrant Economy

Incheon Terminal Logistics Complex in the Keyongin Port of the Kyeongin Ara Waterway

  • Location : the whole Oryu-dong, Seo-go, Incheon Metropolitan City
  • Area : 1,145,025㎡
  • Major Facilities : Logistics Terminal, Consolidation and Distribution Center, Ware house, Supporting Facility, Complex Facility

Incheon Terminal Logistics Complex in the Keyongin Port of the Kyeongin Ara Waterway 1

Incheon Terminal Logistics Complex in the Keyongin Port of the Kyeongin Ara Waterway 2

Industrial Complex

The Industrial Complexes of Seo-gu

Large industrial complexes are formed in Seo-gu including national industrial complexes (5, 6 industrial complexes), Incheon Seo-bu Industrial Complex, Incheon Machinery Industrial Complex, Incheon Industrial Complex, and Incheon Cheongna district 1 Industrial Complex. As the Geomadan General Industrial Complex is additionally formed, many small and medium-sized enterprises with high potentials are expected to lead active productions.

  • Companies by complex
    Complex name Number of companies Employment status
    Total 3,220 53,537
    Seo-bu industrial complex 246 5,274
    Cheongna district 1 general industrial complex 28 765
    Korean export(Juan,Bupyeong)national industrial complex 166 5776
    Incheon machinery industrial complex 47 854
    Incheon industrial complex 171 2,573
    Geomdan general industrial complex 360 5,814
    Out of industrial complex 2,202 32,481

Industrial Complex 1

Industrial Complex 2

Transportation Infrastructure

Incheon Seo-gu is well known as a strategic transportation hub of superior accessibility both internally and externally via the Incheon Subway Line 2, Gyeongin Ara Waterway which connects the West Sea and the Han River, and the metropolitan transportation network including the Incheon International Airport Expressway, the Gyeongin Expressway, and the Airport Railroad, and KTX.

Transportation Infrastructure 1

Transportation Infrastructure 2

Transportation Infrastructure 3

LG Electronics Incheon Campus

  • Location : 332 Kyeongmyeongdae-ro (13 blocks of 363-80 Kyeongseo-dong) in the Incheon Seo-bu industrial complex
  • Business Domain : research institute and test production facility for automotive parts

Incheon International Airport and North Port - Strategic crossroad vigorously stretching to the world

Seo-gu, adjacent to the Incheon International Airport, is growing as an International city which connects Northeast Asia and the world. The North Port is built as a new port of international scale with 18 berths, each can Anchor 50,000ton vessel, and annual unloading capacity of 17 million tons, And thus will transform itself as a center of international logistics.

LG Electronics Incheon Campus, Incheon International Airport and North Port 1

LG Electronics Incheon Campus, Incheon International Airport and North Port 2

LG Electronics Incheon Campus, Incheon International Airport and North Port 3

Promising Welfare and Education

Supporting center for companies and jobs

Going beyond job-seeker oriented job support, “Company & Job-seeker Supporting Center of Incheon Seo-gu” not only provides convenience to job-seekers but also contributes to creating jobs effectively to offer one-stop service to civil complaints by establishing an integrated job system including job and company supports.

Supporting center for companies and jobs 1

Supporting center for companies and jobs 2

Employment and Welfare Plus Center

As an collaboration model which provides one-stop service to the related institutions so that they can receive various employment and welfare works simultaneously, the center is selected for the first time in May 2015 and provides high-quality employment and welfare service.

Employment and Welfare Plus Center 1

Employment and Welfare Plus Center 2

National Institute of biological Resources - The Biggest Sample Storage in Asia

The institute opened in October 2007 to preserve biological resources which are national assets and original materials of the biotechnology (BT), one of most important high-tech industries in the twenty-first century. It is the biggest sample storage in Asia with 4,600 samples of 985 species from the indigenous and wild lives. With the themes of biological diversity in Korean peninsula and utilization and preservation of biological resources, the first exhibition room (diversity of the native lives), experience learning center, Gotjawal ecology room, special exhibition room, and audio-visual exhibition room are located in the first floor and the second floor houses the second exhibition room which shows ecosystem diorama, utilization of biological resources, and preservation of biological diversity of the Korean peninsula.

National Institute of biological Resources 1

Nokcheongja Museum - Space for Feeling and Learning History and Culture

The Nokcheongja Museum was established for the research and study of the academic materials regarding the Nokcheongja excavated in the Nokcheongja kiln Site in Kyeongseo-dong, Seo-gu which was designated as the National Historical Site 211 on June 8, 1970. There are the history exhibition room where you can watch Nokcheongja relics and Nokcheongja making process and the special exhibition room for modern potteries in the museum. It runs the formal pottery training program and one-day pottery experience course for educating students and adults.

Nokcheongja Museum 1

Seo-gu English Village

Incheon Seo-gu was designated as a special education district in April 2005 and runs the Incheon Seo-gu English Village which is a Cradle for nurturing global talents who hve international senses and Foreign language capabilities matching the international city.

Seo-gu English Village 1

Seo-gu English Village 2

Lifelong Learning

Appointed as lifelong learning city in June 2014, Incheon Seo-gu is making efforts to establish itself as a sustainable lifelong learning city based on diverse lifelong businesses and human and material lifelong learning network foundation it has accumulated so far.

Lifelong Learning 1

Lifelong Learning 2

Classy Culture and Tourism

Dream park Chrysanthemum Festival

The filled-up land in the capitol area made by filling in the sea of Bakseok-dong, Seo-gu is the largest waste fill-up land in Republic of Korea. This area which has been plagued by bad smell, dust, and leachat is reborn as green space and holds the chrysanthemum festival in October every year which is open to the people in the capitol area for free.

Dream park Chrysanthemum Festival 1

Dream park Chrysanthemum Festival 2

Nokcheongja Festival

The festival was first held in 2011 to shed new light to the historical meaning of “Nokcheongja Kiln Site,” the National Historical Site 211, and to promote thousand cultural heritage of Nokcheongja, and is composed of diverse programs on Nokcheongja.

Nokcheongja Festival 1

Nokcheongja Festival 2

Cheongseojin Sunset Festival

The festival is made to be winter tourism content and a representative Incheon Sunset spot in the Kyeongin Ara Waterway, Ara Incheon Passenger Terminal, and Cheongseojin area. It is filled with the events enjoyed with the residents including the cheongseojin Sign Stone unveiling ceremony, sunset count, Cheongseojin Concert with well-known entertainers, fireworks, and various accompanying events along with the pre-ceremony performances in the Kyeongin Ara Waterway, Ara Incheon Passenger Terminal, and Cheongseojin area.

Cheongseojin Sunset Festival 1

Cheongseojin Sunset Festival 2

Ara Culture Festival

The festival is a cultural event held over the beautiful Kyeongin Ara Waterways and holds local cultural events such as outdoor concert and unique events which use local tourism resources induding canoe marathon, yacht and dragon boat races.

Ara Culture Festival 1

Ara Culture Festival 2

Seeodo Island - The Only Habited Island of Seo-gu in harmony of Nature and Ecology

Seeodo Island is a habited island located in Wonchang-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City. It’s area is 397,000㎡, and mud flat and trails are formed so that it cat be utilized as an ecology learning field where people who want to feel the nature can enjoy natural scenery and experience fishermen’s lives.

Seeodo Island 1

Seeodo Island 2

307 Seogot-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City T. +82-32-562-5301